Our oldest loves to bake! She pretty much does it independently.  She will find the recipe and write down all the ingredients. In future blogs, you’ll hear directly from her.  Today, I’ll share what we did.

We continued our Easter celebrations with Bunny Cupcakes!  We like to do things from scratch but we had lots of shenanigans going on today so we opted for the easiest option- box cake and remade frosting (don’t judge us).


Muffin tins

Muffin Liners

Cake Mix (any flavor)

White Frosting

Gallon Size Ziplock bag (optional)



Pink sprinkles (or any color you prefer, we used pink and blue)

Mini chocolate chips

Prepare the cupcakes as directed on the box. 

As you are waiting, pour your sprinkles onto a plate.

Next, use scissors to cut the marshmallows into bunny ears.  Since the inside of the marshmallow will be sticky, you can dip that side into your sprinkles. Set aside.

Open up your frosting.  We don’t have fancy tips or bags to frost, so we put all the frosting in a gallon size ziplock back.  If you cut off the corner, it makes for a frosting bag!


Once your cupcakes are baked, allow for them to cool.

Use your frosting bag to frost the tops of cupcakes.

Decorate the bunny faces with the marshmallow ears and chocolate chip eyes and nose.


Happy Easter!