My daughter is obsessed with donuts! So, for her second birthday we did a Donut Party!  I can easily go overboard with Pinterest ideas, and invite everyone and their mom to parties.  This year, I wanted to do something more low key... mainly because I am 9 months pregnant!  It was actually the most perfect party. Low key, super cute, and super fun!

Location: Donut Shop

I think the most tiring part of a party is making the space look themed (maybe it is just me because I go overboard!), cleaning beforehand, and then cleaning after.  So we asked a local Donut Shop (one of my daughter's favorite places!) if we could have our party there.  The shop is a newer place, and the owner is so kind and nice to work with.  He let us take over most of their tables, decorate, and have an open donut tab.  So we didn't bring any food or drinks (another way to keep it low key!) and simply paid for whatever our guests ordered. Since the location was a smaller venue, we opted to only invite our daughter's favorite toddler friends and their siblings. It was perfect!


Since we had the party at the Donut Shop, we didn't need to do much! However, we did get hats, photo booth props, and goodie bag items from Orientail Trading and Hobby Lobby.  There were TONS of options!  I even busted out my glue gun and made a a donut skirt, sandals,and hair bows!


There are million ideas on Pinterest! Since it was not our space I wanted to make sure to keep the activities contained and not too messy.  We had three stations.

First, the kids decorated their own donuts!  They were super easy to prep, click here to learn how. I adapted it to be a less messy and toddler appropriate. 

The next few activties were based on the book, If you Give a Dog a Donut.  My daughter LOVES this book!  The #teachermom in me came out!  I read the story to kids and we had several activities they could do.  I downloaded coloring pages here.  We also had playdoh and toy dogs so they could make donuts and feed the doggies. That kept them engaged and entertained for a long time!

Overall we had a blast!  We came. We crafted. We ate donuts. We were home a little after noon, with no mess to clean! Every one should do a donut party!