I love crafts that look like a child did them!  When I taught special education, I tried to do crafts that required the least amount of adult assistance so I could really capture their art (not a teacher’s!).

Sophia LOVES to paint.  Craft time is something we do often at our house. We keep it mostly contained to her high chair and then we often plan for bath time soon after.

She is really into animals right now, so with Easter around the cornerpainting chicks was perfect!


Yellow finger paint


Wipes (for clean up!)


A paper plate

White construction paper

Crayons or Markers

Goggly Eyes


I started off by painting Sophia’s hands and made several hand prints.  For the large chick, you’ll need one of each hand. I normally make several prints for fun. 

After I cleaned her hands off she went to town painting her plate… and eventually painting herself!  

After all the paint was dry, I cut out the hand prints and glued them onto the paper plate.  I added eyes and drew in the mouth and feet.  It wasn’t planned, but I took the extra prints and made “babies” which Sophia loved since everything is “momma” and a “baby” right now.  

We had a blast and Sophia still plays with her paper chicks!