I absolutely love crafts that involve hand prints and feet prints… especially when kids are little! Our kids loved making bunnies last 


Picture of your child’s face

Pink Craft Paint ( I prefer non-toxic finger paint)

Large Paint Brushes

Wipes or a large tupperware of water



Cotton balls

Construction paper or Cardstock

While this crafts is not one that wee ones can do independently, it is pretty cute!

Dip the paint brushes in paint and brush the paint on one foot and press it onto your construction paper or card stock. Repeat this one the same foot so you have two prints.  Clean off the foot completely with wipes or by rinsing it off with a large tupperware of water (if you skip this step, you’ll have a mess!).  Repeat this process with the other foot.  You should have two prints of each foot. Set aside to dry.

Draw out two circles to make the head and body.  Older kids can cut out the circles. 

Cut out the child’s face from the printed picture and glue onto the circle for the head.

Glue cotton balls on onto the circles.  Our baby does not love cotton balls, but it was a great sensory activity fro her!  She ended up ripping off a lot of the cotton balls!

Once the foot prints are dry, you can use these for feet and ears. Add cotton balls around the ears and put all the pieces together. 

Super, super cute craft!