Easter is almost here! We have been doing some crafts here at the Espling home to get ready! All our kids love craft time!  Since our kids are a wide range of ages, sometimes it is hard to find crafts that are fun for all three, but this was a hit last year!

Since our youngest was only 10 months old last Easter, I wanted to do something that would be fun and safe if it ended up in her mouth (which it did!).


Eggs (hardboiled or fake, we used fake)

Cool whip

Food coloring (Neon makes for brighter colors)

Cookie Sheet or Muffin Tins

Cheap Shower Curtain (optional)


We laid the shower curtain on the floor so that our baby could crawl over and participate.  Bigger kids could easily just sit at the table.  The big kids got their own cookie sheet with lots of cool whip.  They were given free reign to mix in the food coloring to make their own colors and swirls.  They loved it!  They simply roledl an egg into the mixture.  After 10 minutes we rinsed, and voila! Done!

There was lots of licking! The baby really loved it! Have fun!